Are you really a licensed commercial general contractor in Alabama?

The Alabama Code (the “Code”) and the Alabama State Licensing Board for General Contractors (the “Board”) are the two authorities that give contractors the right to work on commercial projects in Alabama. However, in some circumstances, a contractor that holds a valid license may not actually be licensed to perform the work for which it contracted. This could void the contract and the contractor could go unpaid. These licensing restrictions also may apply where a contractor wants to perform work as a subcontractor. The contractor better have the license for the limited work in intends to perform as a subcontractor or again the contract could be void. (more…)

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure with Soda Bottles

Could recycled soda bottles be the answer to America’s aging infrastructure woes?  This may seem like a crazy question, but over recent years the use of special composites of recycled plastic as a building material in the U.S. and abroad have increased dramatically, and this may be just the beginning. (more…)

Is Green Construction right for me?

Green construction is not something that should scare construction industry participants. Particularly the people doing the work in the field.  As the downturn in the economy has limited the number of new construction projects, industry participants should look to green construction, specifically green retrofit construction, for opportunities.  (The U.S. Green Building Council issued this press release which announced that green retrofitting projects have outpaced new green construction projects). (more…)